CONTACT: hankkula@gmail.com

I shoot casual, journalistic imagery. Sporting contest, concert, family gathering, business opening, or any type of social event ... if you want it covered as if a news photographer were there, I'm your guy. I love shooting the unusual, different and new.

This site is NOT designed to feature only the best images. What I think makes an image good, may not capture the meaning a simple snapshot does for someone else.

Some images here might only be average from a professional's view, but evoke good memories, or simply serve as documentation for someone. My intent is to capture the overall "essence" of an event. It would be great to think everyone is going to order a print, frame it, and consider it "art," but some shots are destined for scrapbooks, slide shows, a gift, or the background on a computer screen.

I'm frequently asked if I do weddings ... I will, but only as a secondary photographer shooting casuals. I shy away from the pressure-filled responsibility for formal portraits -- that's takes a specialized, patient shooter who has made wedding photography an art. I recommend a couple spend their money on an established weddings-only shooter.

I WILL shoot your wedding reception. Covering people having fun celebrating one of life's most important moments is truly a kick in the pants.

If you found your way here, this is more experiment than money maker, more passion than pastime. If you like what you see and actually order something ... Thank You. If you're here to just browse -- I TRULY appreciate and love that. If you're a fellow photographer, I'm honored. If you're a cop -- PLEASE STAY SAFE.

Hank Kula